Tuesday, 25 September 2018

News of Tag30 in Norway

The time has come to open up my winter blog on the bean geese flock that visit the Slamannan area in Falkirk.

Tag30 has recently made a flight south from the Glomma River north of Akershus and is now just north of Vigeland south Norway. (see picture below) I am sure the next spell of suitable weather will see our flock move to Scotland.

We have been able to recover the GPS collar 27 that was used last year after the bird was killed by we think a Golden Eagle.

We had a visit  recently from Adriaan de Jong from Umea in northern Sweden who studies another flock of Taiga Bean Geese.

We showed him around the Slamannan area and had a very interesting discussion on the type of farming land that is available to our birds compared with his patch in north east Sweden.

Thursday, 10 May 2018

Some good news from Sweden

I am pleased to say that after the death of Tag27 we now have some positive information that the female Tag30 has now come back online and is in fact just to the east of where Tag27 had been.

We now hope that she is settling down to breed in this area of forest and lakes.

I will update the blog in due course with further information when it comes to hand.

Tuesday, 8 May 2018

Sad News from Sweden in recent days re Tag27

We have been following the exploits of tags 27 & 30 this spring as they moved through Norway en-route to their breeding grounds in Dalarna county Sweden.

Sadly it has now been confirmed that tag27 has died by natural causes. Predated by possibly either fox, lynx or taken by an eagle.

We have managed to recover the collar tag and it should be returned to us in due course. We must thank the chaps in Sweden who helped us find the remains of the bird.

I attach two pictures of its remains and the collar is clearly visible.

Wednesday, 28 March 2018

News Update on Tag27 and Tag30

Updated news from Pandrup Denmark is good as Tag30 has come back online and giving us information on its whereabouts.

It and presumably others are still west of Pandrup waiting to move north when the weather improves.
I have no information available on flock size at this location.

Tag27 is south of the usual staging post at Akerhus on the Glomma River. It is presently on the Glomma river South west of the town of Mysen. Flock size is possibly around 80 birds.

Further news will be posted when available.

Wednesday, 21 March 2018

News from Simon Rix in Norway today 21 March 2018

Hi all bloggers

Exciting news received from Simon in Oslo today.

Norway is experience very cold weather and lots of snow in and around Oslo. Never one to be deterred he took a trip to the Glomma River this morning.

Arriving at 0945 he found 11 bean geese at the rivers edge trying to feed on vegetation.

At 0958 this group were disturbed (not surprisingly) by a hunting White Tailed Eagle which took a fancy to one of them but didn't manage it.

By 1030 numbers of bean geese had gone up to 76 with 1 Pinkfoot in attendance

He was witnessing the movement from Denmark which we had been waiting on but unsure of when this would happen due to the extremely cold conditions in Denmark.

The arrival of birds was as follows - 11-13-15-16-76-78

Collars seen so far - 3Y, 7V plus 4 Juvs and probably T8, S8

His blog (oslobirder.blogspot.co.uk) will be updated soon with pictures and possibly a video clip of this arrival in Norway.

Latest update on Tag27 is that it is still in Denmark.

Wednesday, 7 March 2018

Update on Tag27 spring movement to Denmark

I now have an image of the migration track for Tag27 et al who moved to Denmark between 20/22 February.

You will see this is a more southerly route than Tag30 and no doubt was due to northerly winds blowing the birds south. As can be seen they soon re-directed themselves to Pandrup in Northern Denmark to join up with the others.

The weather in Norway and southern Sweden is similar to what we have had in the UK. Deep snow everywhere so the next step in their movement may well be delayed until the weather improves.

The red dot is Tag30's position and shows the Danish staging place.

Friday, 23 February 2018

Migration update 23 February 2018

Have had news today that Tag27 and probably 29 and family have now arrived at Pandrup northern Denmark.

Migration took place on 20/21 February 2018.

The end of another winter season of monitoring our bean goose flock.

I am due a visit to Norway in March where I hope to catch up with Simon Rix and hopefully our bean goose flock. More news around that time. I believe the weather in Norway is still very wintry so the bean geese may well delay their arrival on the Glomma River