Friday, 16 February 2018

update on todays movement from Scotland

Tag30 has made it to Pandrup as expected.

Brilliant flight.

News Update from Slamannan. Tag30 has departed for Denmark

Great news today. Tag30 and probably others have left Slamannan around 0700 today and will now be in Denmark. It would land to the south of the usual staging area in the north at Pandrup but as I speak it will probably be not far away.

I attach the migration information for your information.

It would appear that tag27 and more than likely tag29 are still waiting to move. More updates when information available.

Monday, 15 January 2018

Bean Geese at Slamannan

Many people come to look at the bean goose flock but perhaps do not realise that the beak patterns of our birds are varied in colour.

Most field guides show only a general pattern but it is more variable than generally thought

There are 4 different patterns of orange and black and also 4 different amounts of white around the face. That means 16 different overall patterns.

I attach a few pictures taken this past week courtesy of Kris Gibb which shows clearly these differences.

I will speak more about this later.

Thursday, 11 January 2018

Bean Geese news from a misty Slamannan

Birds difficult to find today and only located at roosting time. One large group of c130 birds flew onto the ice covered East Fannyside Loch around 1700 and another group of c50 were seen on one of the ponds on Darnrig Moss.

Attached some pics taken yesterday courtesy of John Nadin.

Saturday, 30 December 2017

News Update for 30 December 2017

The harsh weather conditions have seen a fair amount of snow lying on the plateau but as ever the bean geese manage to forage for food successfully.

Some years ago around this time we used to 'lose' sight of almost half the flock but this is not happening now with the bulk of the birds staying together within one mile of Slamannan town centre.

Roosting is occurring in several places to the west, north and east of Slamannan but in areas known to the bean goose team.

We still have two European whitefronts within the flock and recently up to 30 Pinkfeet.

I attach a picture of the flock taken last week not far from Slamannan. Can you spot them?

Monday, 18 December 2017

News Update 18 December 2017

The bean geese continue to feed in and around the township of Slamannan. They are ranging during the day from Strathavon Farm in the east to Threiprig/Shortrig in the west.

There are a few Pinkfeet within the flock and the two european whitefronts can still be seen on occasions.

Care should be taken on the minor roads in the area as low temperatures are creating some icy conditions.

Some roosting is again taking place at the Fannyside Lochs area.

Sunday, 26 November 2017

26 November 2017 Update on Bean Goose flock

Winter weather at freezing temperatures are now prevalent on the Slamannan Plateau.

It is having no effect on the geese and they continue to feed away quite contented if left undisturbed.

Had a nice visit today to Slamannan and within a mile of the village I found two large flocks comprising 214 birds. Two european whitefronts are still around and an addition to the area are nine Canada Geese feeding near but separate from one of the bean goose flocks.

Another species that do not normally spend the winter in the area is a flock of Lapwing numbering c40 birds.

No signs this winter so far of any wintering Hen Harriers, Merlin or Peregrine.