Wednesday, 1 November 2017

Update 2 November 2017

The Bean Geese have moved their daytime feeding slightly north of recent sightings near Oakersdyke.

The flock size we have been seeing recently has been c150 birds but I am sure there are more out there to be found.

I enclose some pictures recently of the flock near Parkhead Farm.

Sunday, 22 October 2017

Update 22 October 2017

Dear Bean Goose watchers

There has been no change in the general location of the bean goose flock during daylight hours.

They are continuing to use fields north west of Slamannan on the minor road which runs past Oakersdyke Farm, Parkhead.

They are using a field full of long vegetation and are extremely difficult to see and count.

Note: Please do not enter fields to try and get nearer the geese as we are beholding to local farmers for allowing the geese to feed where they do.

A good plan is to stay in your car and use it as a hide, bean geese are extremely wary and will see you before you see them.

Please follow the country and birdwatchers code of conduct

Monday, 16 October 2017

Update 16 October 2017

It is reckoned that we have c214 birds back on the Slamannan Plateau. There have been quite a bit of observation during the last week and the above figure is not exact.

The birds have not been seen within the past week at Luckenburn but favouring areas in and around Oakersdyke Farm, Parkhead Farm and south of Easter Jawcraig.

Other interesting birds are the large numbers of Pinkfeet (c2000) using Gardrum Moss for roosting.

Sunday, 8 October 2017

Update from Slamannan

Great news to report. After coming ashore near Norwich our flock of bean geese have arrived safely in their usual wintering haunts.

I was out yesterday afternoon and found c100 birds near Slamannan. Tag27 & 29 arrived later having stopped overnight yesterday near Selkirk.

GPS information showed that this group flew north to Edinburgh before turning west for their winter  quarters rather than fly a shorter route between Selkirk and Slamannan.

Thinking is that with two new juveniles in tow their parents were showing them the Forth estuary and the normal route of arriving in Scotland. (Only a guess)

Friday, 6 October 2017

Dramatic update on Tag29 today


Tag29 and probably 27 et al have arrived onshore in the UK at Norwich. No wonder I cannot find them at Slamannan.

We will sit back and see how long it takes them to come north!!

Attached map.

Monday, 2 October 2017

Update from Slamannan 02 October 2017

A visit in sunshine this afternoon found the flock of 18 bean geese sitting quietly together at LuckenBurn Farm

The strong westerlies will no doubt hold up the rest of the flock from making the north sea crossing.

Watch out for a weather/wind change which will probably make the others sitting in Norway move.

Thursday, 28 September 2017

Update for this week. Slamannan Bean Goose flock

Hi All

Pleased to report that we have had a small flock of 18 birds seen on the plateau this past few days.

Simon in Norway tells me that there is a Taiga Bean Geese movment taking place at present with birds being seen in the south of the country.

Hope they don't try and cross the North Sea tomorrow as strong SE winds are forecast.