Friday, 11 November 2016

Update on Bean Geese flock Slamannan

In recent days most of the birds have been feeding to the north of Parkhead Farm.

The recent cold weather and some snow has not been a bother to them and they continue to feed away quite easily.

Saw a nice female Sparrowhawk today skirting around the field near where the bean geese were feeding. Needless to say they never lifted their heads.

No Pinkfeet flocks have arrived in the area yet to feed although roosting is taking place on Loch Elrig or Gardrum Moss. Well worth a visit to this area at dawn or dusk.

Thursday, 3 November 2016

Update on recent location of bean goose flock

Two flocks were found today totaling 164 birds.

One flock of c70 birds was beside the main Slamannan to Falkirk road just north of the Dyke Farm

The other flock comprising c94 birds was to the north of Parkhead Farm Slamannan.

 Pictures below are courtesy of John Nadin who visited the plateau recently

The top picture shows the geese in an 'alert' posture which would normally indicate that they were aware of the photographer.

The picture below shows them in a much more relaxed mode possibly due to the sunlight which often can shine in their eyes making the viewer less distinct.