Monday, 24 October 2016

Update on Bean Geese flock at Slamannan 24/10/2016

The bean geese have now began their usual winter routine of breaking up into different groups and moving about separately within their wintering area.

Sadly one of the juvenile birds that was caught last year with two other siblings has not returned this winter. (photo below)

The highest count is still at 216 but I have a suspicion it is actually higher. Hopefully further field counts will confirm this.

Roosting is still largely taking place at the Fannyside Lochs area.

Large numbers of Pinkfeet are presently roosting on Loch Elrig or the nearby Gardrum Moss.
Also of interest is the large numbers of Canada Geese (c250) roosting on Gardrum Moss
There was also c100 Canada Geese seen recently at East Fannyside Loch roost site.

Monday, 10 October 2016

News Update on Bean Goose flock at Slamannan

A large bean goose flock was seen at Luckenburn this morning.

Approximately 200 birds present in the flock. Estimate of flock size at present is in the region of 216 birds.

If anyone reads collar codes please advise me of what you see and when and where. Thanks.

Thursday, 6 October 2016

Bean Geese arrival at Slamannan

A large bean goose flock left south coast of Norway at 1200 on 2 October and came ashore south of Berwick and north of Seahouses around 2200 hrs.
It looks like they quickly changed their flight route and re-located to Slamannan as by 0600 they were on the Fannyside Moss roost site.

Observations yesterday confirmed that we had 178 birds back so far and hopefully more to follow.

Still awaiting to see if tag10 has returned but other 'live' tags have made it. This should give us good location information again this winter.

The flock was seen yesterday south of Wester Jawcraig Farm.