Thursday, 22 August 2013

Visited the Plateau this week

Had an evening visit around most of the plateau one evening this week. Was pleased to see that most of the fields are looking good with plenty of fresh grass evident. Harvesting seems to have gone well and the farmers should have a good supply of silage for feeding to their cattle during the winter months.
Saw several Sparrowhawks hunting along roadsides which is always fascinating to watch especially when you are driving behind them.
Concluded my trip with a visit to the Black Loch at Limerigg and I was rewarded with a sighting of the local Osprey hunting over the water at the eastern end of the loch. Still not found out where they are nesting but cannot be too far away.
Our bean geese in Sweden will have gone through their moulting stage and be in preparation for their return to Scotland in October. Another season beckons!!