Monday, 16 March 2015

Migration Note for Bean Goose 7T

I thought I would share the spring migration route that 7T took this year after leaving Slamannan on the 17th February.

First stop Denmark and then on to Sweden where we managed to download all of the winter data which shows where the bird spent the winter with us.

Sunday, 15 March 2015

More news from Norway

Simon has updated his blog ( with a story and pictures on how he met up with Larry Griffin our bean goose man from WWT Caerlaverock.

Larry had been out in Sweden looking for Bewick Swans that winter at Slimbridge and following their migration route through Scandanavia.

He found our bean geese at Lake Brosjon but didn't find Tag04 which was the bird he was hoping to download winter data from its travels at Slamannan.

He then met up with Simon in Norway and low and behold found Tag04 only to be disappointed that it's battery seems to have stopped working.

Visit Simon's blog to see the pictures taken at this time.

Thursday, 12 March 2015

New update from Norway

Simon has posted an update on his blog which has loads of information on tagged birds and pictures of the bean geese on the Glomma River near Oslo.

I recommend viewing.

Tuesday, 10 March 2015

News from Norway

Simon Rix in Norway has confirmed some of our geese (c45) have arrived in his area (Glomma River) and he has read the following collars:

6U, 6X, 6Z, 7P, 06, and possibly 03 (to be confirmed)

All of these birds have just spent the winter with us in Scotland and have flown via Denmark to Norway.

Simon has commented on their earlier arrival than usual for his area.

Friday, 6 March 2015

New update from Sweden

Ulf in Sweden has confirmed that 147 bean geese have been seen at Lake Brosjon in south Sweden and the following collars have been seen: 7Y, 7Z, V3,V6 and 7T

7Y is an adult male ringed on 7th October 2013 and his mate 7Z ringed at the same time. (see below)

V3 was a Juvenile female ringed on 7th October 2013

V6 Adult female ringed on 7th October 2013

7T Adult male ringed on 7th October 2013 and has a white ring on right leg

It is interesting that all of this group were caught together and now sharing the same migratory route through Sweden. It confirms what we now think that groups seen together in Scotland are all associated with each other and the areas they visit year round.

More details of collar sightings in the future will help us unravel the different groups.

Many thanks to Dan Magnsbo in Sweden and others who will be able to help us unravel this story

Wednesday, 4 March 2015

Bean Goose news from Sweden

See below for information received this afternoon.

Dear Angus and others,

Yesterday (March, 3) 184 Bean Geese were observed at Brosjön in SW Sweden close to the big lake of Vänern. Already February 28, 130 Bean Geese were seen at the same site, which was the first date of observed bean geese this spring. There are no reports of rings or GPS transmittors, but likely it is the group of Scottish birds that have arrived to the same site they used last spring. As I informed you last year, historic data tells us that this site regularly have been used by about 100-150 birds for several decades.  

I will get into contact with the observers and see what more they can tell us.

All the best from ULF in Umeå

News from Simon Rix in Norway

An email just in from Simon with news of bean geese in his area near Oslo.

Click on the link below to follow his blog: