Wednesday, 27 January 2016

Visit details 25th January 2016

A short visit to the plateau on the afternoon of the 25th was rewarded by a flock of 62 bean geese being seen near Parkhead Farm.

Weather conditions were overcast with rain showers in the air. Birds all looked in good fettle as per the picture attached.

Wednesday, 20 January 2016

Breaking News from the Slamannan Plateau

A visit to the plateau on the 14th January by a team from the Bean Goose Action Group resulted in a new high count for this winter period.
Four separate flocks of bean geese were counted in the afternoon which gave us a total of 263 birds.
It is thought that with cold weather conditions in Denmark it may have prompted some of our birds to return to Scotland rather than wintering in the low countries.
It would be nice to confirm that if we could find some birds with collars not already seen this winter.
Snow and icy conditions are still present on the plateau and I took a few shots yesterday of the conditions. Believe me there are birds in the fields in front of you in the middle picture.  Shots were taken by a 55mm lense. The single bird picture was taken through my telescope lense.

                                           General view of the plateau near Slamannan. 

                                                   43 Bean Geese in middle field

                                            Yes, Bean Geese can sit on snow quite happily

Friday, 8 January 2016

Happy New Year to all bean goose blog readers

I have been away over New Year so not been out on the plateau over that period. Two days ago got a nice flock of c60 birds near Bandominie Farm at the western edge of the study area. Nothing else showing around the usual haunts at Slamannan.

Managed a quick look around today in very cold conditions but the fog closed in this afternoon making seeing more than 50m impossible.

Cold weather forecast next week but at least it will be dry and more favourable for finding the geese.