Thursday, 30 May 2013

Bean Goose News

After the successful event at Slamannan School yesterday the newspapers are carrying the story today. Below is a link to further good news on the acquisition of the roosting site at Fannyside Muir by the Forestry Commission. This will allow us to manage this area with our partner agencies for the future.

Wednesday, 29 May 2013

News from our project with Slamannan Primary School

Spent the morning at Slamannan Primary School looking and listening what the children in P4 and P5 have been up to this past year with their Bean Goose project.

It was amazing to see what they have put together, pictures, games and lots of technical information on the Bean Geese migration this spring.

They have used all the data downloaded from the GPS units on three of the birds to create maps showing the  route taken from Scotland to Sweden. Their interpretation of the data and how to display it showed a full understanding of what the birds were doing.

It was good to see that they received a special award from the RSPB and both classes received gifts of binoculars from Viking Optics to encourage the children to get out into the countryside and widen their knowledge of our birds and animals.

Mark Steven from the Radio Scotland programme 'Out of Doors' was present and recorded sequences from the presentation given by the children. This programme is normally broadcast on Saturday mornings commencing at 6.30am.

All in all a super morning and good to see the enthusiasm from the children and their teachers for their efforts in studying their local bean goose flock.

Children at Slamammam School displaying their Certificates and Binoculars
with teachers Alistair Findlay, Lorna Murray, with Judy Paul RSPB, Iain Renwick Area Manager,SNH

Friday, 10 May 2013

What happens at home when the bean geese are breeding in Sweden

When the bean geese leave Scotland in late February the work then starts to collate all the available data recorded during the winter when they are here.

There is data to be collated for a Commissioned Report for Scottish Natural Heritage (SNH) on the roosting locations that the bean geese have used during the past winter. This work includes ageing the juveniles within the flock. This a continuation of monitoring work commenced in 2010/11. (Commissioned Report No 487)
I am greatly indebted to Brian Minshull of BCM Environmental Services Ltd (BCMESL) who collects all the raw data and produces the report.

The voluntary monitoring of the flock which I undertake for Falkirk & North Lanarkshire Councils and the Central Scotland Forest Trust also requires collecting the available field records and putting together a series of notes to assist with the publishing of this data in an annual report.
I am grateful to Toby Wilson of the RSPB who edits and prepares the report for publication.

The project with Slamannan and Greengairs Primary Schools continues unabated and there is publicity event being arranged for Wednesday 29th May at Slamannan Primary School. This projects includes SNH and the RSPB who have been working with the children this last two years on the 'science' of bean geese wintering in their local area and now looking at the migration data received from the GPS collars on the four bean geese caught last autumn. I look forward to see what they have been doing in recent times.

Wednesday, 1 May 2013

News Update on our birds in Sweden

Information from three of our birds in Sweden would indicate that they have settled down to breed. They are in an area surrounded by National Parks the closest being Fulufjallet. Two of the birds are very close to the Norwegian border and also main roads which run through the area. The other is further to the east but in a similar habitat.
Our new website has been up updated and contains all the information on the tagged birds to date. You can access it at -