Wednesday, 23 December 2015

Xmas News from Slamannan

Pleased to report that all of our birds seem to be doing well in this stormy spell of weather. The flock is well split up and probably in roughly four to five separate groups.

Yesterday two groups were at Hillend Slamannan, one group of 17 north of the river and one of 37 on the south side. They have been using this area for about a week now for feeding and possibly roosting.

Garbethill Muir is being well used by a group of unknown size and the information is coming in live from birds that we caught this autumn. Some of the tags are not giving off information all of the time due to their batteries being low. The lack of sunshine recently is the cause of this.

Some roosting is taking place on Darnrig Moss and also at Fannyside Lochs/Muir.

Thursday, 3 December 2015

News Update for early December 2015

With all this rain we have been having the bean geese have not had to search much for drinking water or areas to roost in.

Roosting is still mainly done in and around the Fannyside Lochs area but with an additional roost site nr to Darnrig Moss.

Feeding areas recently have included fields north of Strathaven Farm some parts of Bandominie Farm and a few fields near Wester Lochgreen.

Birders are again asked not to be accessing fields with stock as most farmers are involved in tupping their sheep so please avoid disturbance to this activity.

Please be satisfied with a distant view as any approach will result in disturbance to the geese. Always remember they will see you before you see them.

I had two visitors from Liverpool this week and they went away happy with having seen c150 bean geese although at a fair distance.