Thursday, 21 November 2013

News on the bean goose flock Slamannan

A visit to the plateau yesterday in lovely sunshine produced a super sighting of probably the whole flock together, which has not often happened recently.

Seen near Slamannan I counted 237 birds ranging over a large field. Many of them were in family groups with other adult pairs feeding together.

Tuesday, 19 November 2013

Update on Bean Goose flock

The bean goose flock have now split into several groups of birds ranging from 17 to 90 birds. Their distribution on the plateau is widespread but still feeding in known areas.

Roosting is also taking place in several locations with the main site at Fannyside Muir well used on most nights.

It has come to my attention that some birdwatchers are stopping and parking in the entrance track to Luckenburn Farm. This is a busy working farm and the farmer requires access for tractors during the daylight hours. It is possible to park on the main road beside the track to Sheilknows and view any geese that may be on the Luckenburn fields.

Please refrain from parking at the Luckenburn farm entrance.

Some birdwatchers have also  been seen trying to approach the bean geese across fields or nearby woodland. I would ask that this practice is refrained from as it only gets birdwatchers a bad name. Bean Geese are very wary birds and any kind of approach can be seen by the birds and they will be spooked.

Saturday, 2 November 2013

Update on bean goose flock

A quick visit to the plateau this morning in poor weather conditions found 171 birds at Luckenburn. A search of nearby favourite haunts produced nil birds.

Oh for some nice winter sun to appreciate the colours of the countryside at this time of year.

A nice shot of the upper wing of a bean goose showing the dark plumage.

Friday, 1 November 2013

Update on bean goose numbers and a report from Nature of Scotland Awards in Edinburgh

Some more good field work over the past couple of days has given us more information on the bean goose flock this winter. Around c40 birds have been utilising fields and mires to the eastern section of the study area and we believe the flock total is now nearer c240 birds.

The Nature of Scotland Awards were held in the Sheraton Hotel Edinburgh and organised for the second year running by the RSPB.

The species champion award went to Clive Craik who has been involved in a long term study of Terns in Argyll.

Although not winning the award I am really pleased with reaching the shortlist and thanks must go to Toby Wilson RSPB for nominating me in the first place. Brian Minshull and Neville Makan also sent in a supporting letter.

It was pleasing to hear about our Bean Goose flock being talked about so publicly and in front of such a large audience of conservationists and others.

Good news though for Slamannan Primary School who won a 'Highly Commended Award' in their competition.

Angus at the Nature of Scotland Awards Edinburgh 2013