Saturday, 14 November 2015

News Update on the Slamannan Bean Goose flock

Wintry weather has transformed the area around the town with the River Avon bursting its banks and flooding surrounding farmland.

Why is that newsworthy? Well the bean geese have found it to their liking and are feeding and roosting nr Hillend and the Dyke Farms.

Records from our 'tagged' geese have shown that they have been there for several nights and sometimes during the day.

A good place to look for them is from the playing field on the west side of the primary school.

Mentioning the school had an importance this week as I was invited to speak to one of the classes on the subject of the bean goose flock.

This class of youngsters really sat back and took in all I spoke about and were prepared to ask many pertinent questions relating to the bean geese flock. Of course they were under some pressure from their teacher Anne Wallace as they have to prepare a presentation on the subject to the rest of the school at an early morning assembly soon.

I hope to get an invitation to attend to see just how they perform. A bit like 'Strictly come Dancing' although I don't have to award points.

On looking through the pictures of the recent catch of birds at Luckenburn Farm I would like to share with you my favourite picture for this year. It shows one of the juvenile birds we caught in the gentle hands of Larry Griffin of the Wildfowl & Wetlands Trust with his colleague
Carl Mitchell. The looks on their respective faces says it all about their 'passion' for what they do for a living. I hope you agree.

Monday, 2 November 2015

Further News on the Bean Goose flock

A visit to the plateau in lovely sunshine yesterday resulted in really good views of a large flock of 165 beans and one juvenile Pinkfoot at Luckenburn.

Another flock of 52 was further to the east but showing well in a field of long grass.

This brings out flock total to 217. Still a bit short of the last few years but perhaps a few more are still to arrive.

As promised some pictures below of birds caught recently

 Adult male and his mate Adult female below