Sunday, 10 May 2015

News Update on Slamannan Bean Geese

Contrary to what we thought had occured it seems that some birds had arrived earlier than thought last September but had not used the Luckenburn Fields on their arrival. Instead they visited some remote areas to the North East of the study area and settled in to feed there.

We have now however established two distinct migratory routes from Scotland via Denmark, Norway and Sweden before the birds settle in Dalarna county in Sweden to breed.

One return route in the autumn follows a similar pattern southwards from Sweden - Norway - Denmark - Scotland.

A second route comes from Dalarna county to south Sweden - Denmark - Scotland.

At least one of our birds spent last winter in Denmark, joining up with other bean geese.

It seems we have to distinct groups of bean geese that winter with us on the Slamannan Plateau.