Tuesday, 29 April 2014

News update

Brian Minshull returned safe after his trip to see the bean geese in Norway. He and Simon Rix the Oslo Birder (picture below) spent two days hunting down the Slamannan flock. Unfortunately by early April most of our birds had gone north to Sweden but they managed to trace some of our birds well to the north of Oslo. (see picture below)

Brian had a great tale to tell of birding in Norway and something that anyone can do with the help of Simon Rix who specialises in bird guiding trips (see oslobirder.blogspot.co.uk) for more information .

Whilst I was sunning myself in Puerto Pollensa, Brian and Simon were trudging around in rain and even snow hunting such species as Hazel Hen and Tengmalm's Owl plus many other northern species.

Bean Geese north of Oslo
Simon Rix

Sunday, 13 April 2014

News Update on Tag06 13th April 2014

Tag06 has now moved into the bean geese breeding area in Sweden. It can now probably be assumed that all of the Slamannan flock are on their breeding territories.

Brian Minshull has returned from his trip to see the bean geese in Norway. More on this topic when I get an opportunity to speak to him on his experience of birding with Simon Rix.